November 28th 2023


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toledo and the Confederation of Businessmen of Albacete (FEDA), members of the Enterprise Europe Network in Castilla La Mancha, have participated in the Annual European Conference of this network, which was held in Bilbao on the 15th. to November 17, on the occasion of the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU.

Under the motto “15 years supporting small businesses with international ambitions”, the 15th anniversary of the birth of this Network is celebrated, which brings together all its members, representatives of European institutions and external collaborators to coordinate how the network's business support services EEN can better meet the changing needs of SMEs.

The Annual European Conference has three objectives: to exchange ideas on how the EEN network can contribute to the European industrial transition, to share best practices for the development of the quality and visibility of EEN network services and to foster cooperation and synergies across across the borders between the members of this network.

More than 800 advisors have gathered in Bilbao these days, hosted by the Basque consortium that has collaborated with the EISMEA Agency of the European Commission, to organize this event.

The Enterprise Europe Network offers assistance to companies for their internationalization, services related to the innovation of new products and their protection through Intellectual and Industrial Property; In addition, it offers support for access to EU projects and financing, advises on the business opportunities that arise from these European SME support programs, including Horizon Europe.



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November 29, 2023

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