November 21th 2023

Dispersion of opinions in the ECB on the next rate increases

In relation to macroeconomic data, we knew the Production Price Indices in Germany, which confirmed expectations, having little impact on the market, with readings of -0,1% monthly and -11% annually. In the section on public appearances in Europe, the words of Wunsch and Nagel from the European Central Bank, where they stated, in the first case, that expectations of a rate reduction by the market could trigger a new rise, and in the second, showing themselves against declines, they supported the recovery of the Euro. 


In monetary terms, the market once again relies on the words of the highest monetary authority in recent weeks to discount the first rate cuts, according to which the markets are beginning to make financial conditions more flexible, which may prove risks and an unwanted impact on the economy and inflation. 


In its continued fight for price stability and given the direction of recent days, the ECB has issued a warning to sailors, promising more interest rate increases if the market continues betting on early drops.

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