12 de enero de 2018

“Continuous innovation is essential to take a step forward in the sector”

Betting on renewable energies and applying them to the agricultural sector to enable the farmer to water with free energy, controlling and handling his facilities in a remote way by using mobile devices. This is the work that Arentio Teknowation Ltd., a company from Albacete which is pioneering in solar pumping facilities and isolated systems.

Pablo Madrigal is the technical manager of this company and he explains us deeply how the work of Arentio Teknowation is.

QUESTION: For people who don’t know you. What is Arentio and what does it do?

ANSWER: “Arentio is a company with technological basis which designs the newest facilities of solar photovoltaic pumping in the market and develops equipments related to the remote control to be easier for the farmer to handle the watering system”.

Q.: What countries is Arentio in?

A.: “In Spain, Nicaragua, Colombia, Gambia, Ivory Coast and Sri Lanka”.

Q.:  In your sector, improving constantly and innovating are important. Have you recently invested? 

A.: “Arentio is created in this way. Continuous innovation is essential to take a step forward in the sector and differentiate from the rest of competitors. Permanently, we invest in researching projects with other organizations and in the constant investment in the own resources of the company. In this sense, we have developed our equipments of solar pumping Osiris, and recently, the hardware and software ORC (Osiris Remote Control) to control in a remote way the watering use and programming them. Thanks to this we have just received the EIBT Certificate (Innovative Company of Technological Basis), given by the ANCES (National Association of Business Innovation Centres), and supported by the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness Department”.

Q.: Why do you think your company is successful in being competitive in the market?

A.: “Differentiation in the market with very advanced products within our sector thanks to innovation”.

Q.: You are member of Albacete Association of Importers and Exporters ADIEX. How do you see the work done from the association?

A.: “It is essential to open new horizons beyond the national ones”.

Q.: What aspects do you think should improve from ADIEX?

A.: “Constant research of markets and opportunities outside. Furthermore, sharing experiences among the associated to facilitate the road that others have already travelled”.

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