26 de diciembre de 2018

David Vitoria, of Berria Bike: ‘There are some factors that help us be competitive in the market’

Berria Bike has designed and made bicycles for sports use for some years. A company which is constantly growing thanks to the personalisation of its products, a competitive advantage with a distinguishing, unique and exclusive design. With its factory, which is in Villarrobledo now, they give a quick answer to its clients and distributors. David Vitoria Cano is the CEO of Berria Bike and in this interview he talks about the work of this company.

QUESTION: What countries is Berria Bike in?
ANSWER: We are in Spain and we have some presence in South America. Basically, Colombia is the most important country for our exportation. We export 7% approximately, 5% to Colombia’.

Q.: Do you plan to be in other countries?
A.: ‘At this moment, we have to do more things at a national level and in Colombia, so we cannot open more markets’.

Q.: You work in a sector in which new materials appear to improve the products. Is it important to innovate and improve constantly for Berria Bike?
A.: In Berria we have a committee of internal development with monthly meetings and annual big innovations. There is innovation of the materials to make the frames, especially in carbon fibre (where we are focusing on) and other technological ones of components. In Berria Bike we pay attention to all these innovations and their implementation in a short period of time’.

Q.: What are the newnesses in 2019?
A.: We introduced the 2019 promotion in June and started to commercialise it. Nowadays we are working to increase our range of products of electric bikes. Our traditional ones are becoming an electric versión. For instance, we have just put on sale the electric bicycle for roads, but we are going to do an evolution. Finally, we are doubling our range of traditional bikes, but with assisted pedalling’.

Q.: Apart from these innovations of products and materials, you have changed the facilities to deal with the growth next years
A.: We have been in Villarrobledo for one year and in our new facilities we have increased our production. This allows us to be more efficient and shorten the delivery periods’.

Q.: Why do you think your company is successful in being competitive in the market?
A.: There are some factors that help us be competitive in the market. On one hand, we have the attraction of the product, because many people like it due to its performance and price, and the best characteristic is that we have clients that repeat. We have also loyal clients, as well as new ones. Another factor is the flexibility that we give to the shops with our programme of personification that allows the bike to adjust it according to the clients’ necessities. And having a fast chain of supplies, which allows us to to answer in a short period of time. This can be one of the most important factors, because most of our compeptitors have long delivery periods since they produce abroad.

Q.: You are member of Albacete Association of Importers and Exporters ADIEX. How do you see the work done from the association?
A.: ‘We are part of ADIEX and receive communications about everything they plan through FEDA. I know that they organise informative breakfasts. The last one was about France and Denmark, which was interesting for me, but I wasn’t able to attend because of calendar problems’.

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