26 de septiembre de 2017

‘Goyval Vinagres is successful because of the work we do and the perseverance’

Goyval Vinagres Ltd. is a company which was born in 1996 and where they produce and bottle vinegar. It is located in Madrigueras, a village in Albacete, and in Spain it was one of the first companies that specialized in ecological and balsamic vinegars. Nowadays they export to more than thirty countries.

Jesús Gómez Garrido is the national person in charge of Goyval Vinagres Ltd. and in this interview he talks about the work of the company.


QUESTION: After more than 20 years in the market, what are the brands which you comercialize your products with?

ANSWER: ‘The brands we have in the market are Darro, Vegallana, Leila and Yuca’s. The last one is very popular in Spain and abroad and we use it for gourmet vinegar’.

Q: Currently, what countries is Goyval in?

A: ‘At this moment we are in the five continents. Practically in all the countries of the European Community. In Africa we are in Morocco, Tunisia or South Africa. In America, in Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador. In Asia our main market is in Japan, where we have several clients. Nordic Countries are also important for us’.

Q: How much do you export to those countries?

A:’There have been years where Goyval has had a higher rate of exportation, but we have grown in the national market since last years. So, the rate of exportation has decreased to 35% approximately’.

Jesus Gómez Garrido

Q: Will you open new markets in the future?

A: ‘Of course! We are finishing with Halal Certification to attack the Arabian market, such as Dubai or United Arab Emirates’.

Q: Apart from this Halal Certification you are working with, what are the certifications that you have?

A: ‘At this moment we have IFS Certification, Koser Certification and we have had the Ecological Certification since 1997’.

Q: Why do you think Goyval, a family company, is successful?

A: ‘Goyval Vinagres is successful because of the work we do and the perseverance, we perfectly assist markets and clients, their requirements, and we are constantly in researches while markets, flavours and customs are progressing’.

Jesus Gómez Garrido

Q: You have invested a great amount of money to assist all these requirements.

A: ‘We have invested an important sum, which started at the beginning of 2016 and we have finished it recently. We have automated the line of bottling. Our production has increased up to 8,000 bottles per hour and at this moment we are meeting the demand of all the markets without problems’.

Q: Let’s talk about ADIEX. How do you see this association?

A: ‘The task that ADIEX is doing is very important. Being in the association is essential since you have coverage from the Albacete Bussines Owners Confederation FEDA. When the companies with strong exportations are together, it is always a good thing because there are challenges, problems in the borders and we have to be connected. This association is important. Miguel Tapiador has done a good job and I think that with the new president the project will raise’.

Q: You are a spokesperson in this new period with Iván Torres as the president.  What do you expect to achieve? What are your goals?

A: ‘Our goal is to be together, be present in any conference or fair, and tell the Admnistration our worries to lead us and help us’.

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