4 de diciembre de 2017

“Innovation is one of the distinguishing features of our company and it has lead us to be what we are nowadays”

Located in Villamalea, Champinter Cooperative Society has dedicated for four decades to the farming of mushrooms. Forty years creating jobs and growing to become a national model. And from here, abroad exporting to several countries.

Eduardo Martínez Jiménez is the sales manager, and here he explains the work done in the company he represents.

QUESTION: For people who don’t know you. What is Champinter and what does it do?

ANSWER: “Champinter dedicates to the production and commercialisation of cultivated fungus, fresh and tinned, including all the productive processes to do that”.

Q.: What countries is Champinter in?

A.: “In this moments we are exporting within the European Union to Portugal, Italy and France. Outside it, we sell directly to Israel, USA, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and indirectly to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco”.

Q.:  In your sector, improving constantly and innovating are important. Have you recently invested? 

A.: “It is one of the distinguishing features of our company . This has lead us to be what we are nowadays. To do that, we invest continuously (the largest manure plant in Spain, Quality Certifications, such as IFS, BRC, FDA and GLOBALGAP, European patent of a process of mushroom cleaning (fourth range), laboratory of fungus sedes. Apart from working with the best equipment to produce fungus worldwide”.

Q.: We imagine that this year is special for you to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

A.: “Of course, if we look at some years ago, we realice that our company has progressed continuously, but also all the things we have to do to continue being more competitive and better to last other 40 years”.

Q.: Why do you think your company is successful in being competitive in the market?

A.: “All the things that I have mentioned previously, innovation, investment and improvements. Knowing how to unlearn to learn all the necessary aspects of everything. We have to reset from the humbleness”.

Q.: You are member of Albacete Association of Importers and Exporters ADIEX. How do you see the work done from the association?

A.: “We have taken part of the association for a short period of time and we haven’t been able to work with it yet. Our idea is to help companies of Albacete to increase the foreign market and to look for synergies, as well as to deal with operations together”.

Q.: What aspects do you think should improve from ADIEX?

A.: “Mainly, to explore synergies among companies, which I have mentioned before. Also, training, cooperation and help from the professionals of the association to all the companies”.

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