30 de octubre de 2017

“We are developing a project and we hope to launch it in the early 2018”

In Bodegas Winol they work with clients from all over the world to increase the knowledge about Spanish wines in those countries, mainly of all the certificates of origin of Castile-La Mancha. Although it is a young company, it has clients in several continents. 

Gema Delgado de la Casa is CEO Export & Financial in Bodegas Winol. Here, she describes the company that she represents.

QUESTION: For people who don’t know you. What is Bodegas Winol and what does it do?

ANSWER: “Bodegas Winol is a second grade structure created at the end of 2013. We represent and distribute exclusively several wineries in Castile-La Mancha, which are our partners. We are in charge of the linking process with customers worldwide in order to increase the knowledge of our wines”.

Q.: What countries is Bodegas Winol in?

A.: “We are in very different countries such as: China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, United States, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands”.

Q.:  innovation and improving are important in your products? Have you recently invested? 

A.: “Undoubtedly, in our sector as in any other, innovation and continuous improvement must be an integral part of the company’s philosophy. Moreover, it is something that the market is constantly demanding, and even more, in a sector as competitive as the wine one. We are currently developing a project with a new image and brand of wines with history, which are hoped to be launched at the beginning of 2018”.

Q.: Why do you think your company is successful in being competitive in the market?

A.: “Professionalism, quality of service, active listening, perseverance, grow alongside and with the client for the development of long-term collaboration projects. Although it sounds topical, the win-win philosophy always works. All this supported with products capable to adapt to the markets”.

Q.: You are member of Albacete Association of Importers and Exporters ADIEX. How do you see the work done from the association?

A.: “We are satisfied, because of the information we receive from ADIEX. The database we have received has a great value for us”.


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