5 de julio de 2017

“Passing through La Roda and not stopping to buy ‘miguelitos’ is incomprehensible”

Edelbio Group Ltd. Miguelitos Ruiz from La Roda is a family company which was born in 1951, firstly as a bakery, although bit by bit, it became professional towards the production of sweets and other typical products of the area, such as the cakes for the ‘gazpachos manchegos’ and its main product, the ‘miguelitos’ (small cakes made with puff pastry stuffed with custard).

José Ruiz is its general manager and we have talked to him to know better the activity of this company.


QUESTION: How far is 1951…

ANSWER: ‘1951 is the year of the creation of the company, and in 1958 is precisely the year of the creation of the original ‘miguelito’, when it was launched by our family. Now, we hope that our following generations will know the value of the effort to being in the present situation, and we hope they will overcome it.’

Q: ‘Miguelitos’ that have changed throughout time.

A: When we started in the world of puff pastry, we saw that not only the typical custard ‘miguelito’ was the one with a bigger influence, but also other flavours, like chocolate. We put on sale the chocolate ‘miguelito’, although manufacturers didn’t believe in this format as they thought the ‘miguelito’ essence was lost. But what we have really done is to make more powerful the word ‘miguelito’, because of the number of children who eat ‘miguelitos’, ‘miniguelitos’, chocolate ‘miniguelitos’…a range that has been opened to all the palates’.

Q: Do you continue researching to improve the products or looking for new ingredients?

A: ‘We are constantly trying to improve what we do and, if it’s possible, to launch onto the market something new. The evidence is that we have several products very studied. When we put chocolate on sale, for example, we had spent four years researching what type of chocolate was the best to launch onto the market. In food, it doesn’t normally take so much. We like that in research there is a consequence, and this consequence is to improve what we have. And if it is possible, to give an incentive so that the client feels more satisfied when choosing among several options. We are working with new products, we aren’t going to stop here’.

José Ruiz, Director General de Miguelitos Ruiz de la La Roda


Q: In Albacete Fair ‘miguelitos’ are typical. Does the effect that the fair has help the repercussion of the ‘miguelitos’?

A:’I don’t know if the Fair has helped us, or maybe we have helped the Fair. I think that everything that we have achieved, as a team, that Albacete Fair has te name that it has, since we work to improve our province’.

Q: Nowadays it’s difficult not to associate the word ‘miguelito’ with La Roda.

A: ‘Indeed, Passing through La Roda and not stopping to buy ‘miguelitos’ is incomprehensible. It isn’t understood to go to the beach and not to give to your neighbours ‘miguelitos’ as a way to establish a stronger friendship. Everything because of a cake in a moment of chatting outside in the fresh air or a moment of break after having lunch.

Q: At an international level, in what level is Miguelitos Ruiz?

A: ‘We are present in other countries, but I think that it isn’t enough, because we still don’t export the 50% of our production. If we reached this 50% I would say that we are in the good way. Until that point, we are doing our best to launch onto the market the best product. We are also taking care of clients from abroad, who demand different products and we research to give them the product with the flavour and the quality that they expect. We do think that this is the right way, despite it is difficult and we need to have strength and spirit’.

Q: What are the countries where you are?

A: ‘We are in France, United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy, with different products, not only ‘miguelitos’.


José Ruiz, Director General de Miguelitos Ruiz de la La Roda

Q: What type of ‘miguelito’ is the best seller?

A: ‘The chocolate one’. The custard ‘miguelito’ has a short expiry day and we don’t have the possibility of stretching on the product in the highest conditions. So, chocolate ‘miguelito’ is the one we most sell, it doesn’t have any problems and the puff pastry hangs on the time well’.

Q: What are the next fairs or events where we will see Miguelitos Ruiz?

A: ‘We will be at Albacete Fair, Anuga Fair, in Germany and very likely at ‘SIAL y Alimentaria’, which are the highest exponent in food and they are useful for us to contact new clients’.

Q: To finish, let’s talk about Albacete Association of Importers and Exporters (ADIEX), which you are part of the Board of Directors of. How do you see the work that ADIEX is carrying out?

A: ‘ADIEX was born from a need: the union for strengthening and to be able to come out on the foreign market. The doors of the foreign market are complicated to open, but once they are opened is much easier to reach all the places, and from the association, it is a good way to be there, through the training and learning’.

Q: You are also President and founder of the Albacete Association of Agri-Food Companies. How do you coordinate your work within FEDA and with ADIEX?

A: ‘FEDA support is essential from our foundation. ADIEX has joined very different sectors with the main goal of the internationalisation. The forum of the Association has its priority the foreign market,, but its training , regulations and work with the Administrations is more specific’.

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