19 de junio de 2017

We compete with multinationals and the only way to be at their level is by strengthening innovation

Iván Torres Senabre, presidente de la Asociación de Importadores y Exportadores de Albacete, ADIEX

Iván Torres Senabre, presidente de la Asociación de Importadores y Exportadores de Albacete, ADIEX

Perinox Co. is a company located in Villarrobledo and dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the food industry, fundamentally focused on the diary and cheesy sector. It is associated with Albacete Association of Importers and Exporters (ADIEX), and its general manager, Iván Torres Senabre, is the president of this association.

We have talked to him to know more about the activity of his company, and at the same time, to talk briefly about his new period in charge of ADIEX.



QUESTION: With more tan 30 years in the market, Perinox Co. is a very consolidated company.

ANSWER: “We are a renown company, specially in Spain, due to the fact that we were one of the first companies that automated cheese factories. Thanks to by word to mouth,  this led us to undertake an internationalisation work, to earn a place within the sector and with our researches in the field of the most booming technologies we have managed to get to a wide range of countries”.

Q: In discussing about those countries, in which markets is Perinox Co. present?

A: “European market is very important for us, but nowadays we are following the emerging market, which are the ones with more growth and at the same time the ones that have a bigger necessity to modernise their facilities”.

Q: And at a national level, how your market is?

A: “Nowadays our national market has been losing importance, because we have started to be present in international markets. It means that we are increasing the billing, therefore the specific weight in the Spanish market is minor. This happens also because the Spanish market was one of the first that modernised its facilities”.

Ivan Torres Senabre, Perinox S.A. es una empresa ubicada en Villarrobledo

Q: One of the distinguising mark of Perinox Co. is innovation and research.

A: “Today, if a company doesn’t invest in research and wants to asume foreign markets, it will be really difficult. For us it is critical, since we compete with multinationals which are bigger tan ours. The only way to be at their level is by strengthening innovation”.

Q: You have developed your own system to extract tiny particles from the whey. In what state this project is?

A: “It is a fully contrasted technology that is in the market. We have already started selling the first equipments. Furthermore, we had lent equipments for testing in technological centres. So, it is a technology with high reliability”.

Q: What advantages does the system have?

A: “The extraction of tiny particles makes it become the whey proteins, which has the biggest nutritional value, into analogous of fat. This is useful to add additives to yogurts and ice-creams to be creamier. This is a very interesting product and it increases cheese efficiency in the manufacture”.

Q: Leaving Perinox Co. aside, let’s talk about ADIEX briefly. You have become the new president replacing Miguel Tapiador. What do you expect to do in this new period?

A: “We expect to try to strengthen more our presence in events where Castile-La Mancha is promoted, and above all, the province of Albacete. ADIEX must be an important core of collaboration among partners. Nowadays, we come from a crisis in our country which has had an effect on the grants given by the Government or the autonomous regions to the companies to be at international markets. The best way to fight this reduction is by collaborating to lessen the expenses or finding new opportunities of bussiness in foreign markets. These two points are very important. Adiex was born with the idea that Albacete companies could be more present in international markets and at the same time attract investors to the province of Albacete”.

Ivan Torres Senabre, presidente de ADIEX

Q: In an interview in this website, Miguel Tapiador said that he was sure that you are going to do well in ADIEX. Some words for Miguel?

A: “Miguel is always a kind and generous person. I suppose that partially this comment is because we have worked together for a long time in the Board of Directors and  we have shared many goals. In this way, we don’t have to stray from the aim that Miguel had”.

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